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This is Eskebjerg Breeding Center, Denmark - a part of the Piétrain Denmark Breeding program.
In this remote location on the island of Funen in Denmark some of the world's best performing purebred Piétrain pigs are being made.


The location of the farm is in the southern
part of Funen, which is placed in a very
beautiful area of Denmark. Our location
Eskebjerg was chosen because it’s located
very far away from other pig farms and
has a very long history without diseases.
Before making caesarian sections we made
a thorough cleaning of the farm; cleaned,
washed and disinfected


We have the highest level of biosecurity
and all people visiting the farm must
shower and change their clothe before
entering the farm.

Also they have to write in the book for
visitors. That way we can always follow
who is entering the farm.


Our vision is to have the highest health status of all farms in the world;

To be free from most diseases beside the normal, which means also being free from resistant bacteria, e.g. MRSA.
Being able to deliver first class premium animals all over the world.

Piétrain Denmark

Pietrain Denmark is a Danish based pig breeding company working under the guidelines and regulations of the Danish pig breeding authorities and is therefore listed as an approved supplier of Danish purebred Piétrain pigs by the Danish Veterinary and Food Administation.

Being a part of the German breeding group German Genetic enables Piétrain Denmark to carry out highly professional and large-scale genetic breeding work based on a large population and vast amounts of valid breeding data.

By combining this with the latest technologies in the field of animal breeding Piétrain Denmark is able to ensure fast and effective genetic progress to the benefit of the entire value chain from commercial pig farmers, slaughterhouses, meat processing and to the consumer enjoying the Piétrain meat.

All this while we strive to do our best in animal welfare and an overall sustainability in both the pigs aw well as in our processes.

Eskebjerg Breeding Center

The Danish breeding facility of Piétrain Denmark is Eskebjerg Breeding Center based in a remote location of the island Funen in Denmark. This location offers the optimal biosecurity, which is essential to maintain the high health status of disease free purebred pigs. Through strict procedures concerning hygiene and access to the facility it has since being established in 2015 held the highest health status. The farm is inspected and regulated under the Danish health system SPF SUS.

The Eskebjerg Breeding Center operates the sow population as a closed, higly effective and top performing breeding herd with high sow replacement rates and only semen inseminations from top boars from the Piétrain breeding center of German Genetic.

By combining this with extensive genomic breeding activities it ensures that Piétrain Denmark is at the forefront of this breeding program giving high genetic progress and thereby offering healthy and high performing purebred pigs not only to our international clients but also back into the breeding program to ensure a continued improvement in the overall breeding program.

Key personnel

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Head Office Opening Hours

Office Opening Hours
Monday - Thursday    : 7.30 - 16.00
Friday                       : 7.30 - 14.30
Saturday & Sunday    : Closed
Time zone                 : GMT +1




T +45 2167 7194

Ørbækvej 276, DK-Odense SØ

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