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The rules for importing pigs very much depends on the country you want to import to. You therefore need to inquire about the local veterinary conditions or contact us for information.

In general pigs from German Piétrain Denmark will be delivered by truck or plane.

The pigs are always accompanied by an export certificate for the country and the laboratory tests according to requirements from you and the recipient country.

We can generally test for everything to be examined.



We are certified to export animals – read more

We have export certificate to the whole world and with the right preparation we can get it to go very efficiently and smoothly.

Denmark is free from all OIE (World organization for animal health) diseases, possibly see this link:

Our good cooperation with the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration and contact with conveyors makes this part uncomplicated.

As a regular part of the certificate we are also able to provide a background statement with information about medical treatments and vaccinations. This statement can be extended with any additional information if desired.



As a natural part of our export activity we have a certified quarantine facility.

Depending on the receiving country we can create quarantine on our sow property or in a certified quarantine.

The quarantine serves to make absolutely sure that no unwanted diseases affect the pigs you invest in.

In addition to the quarantine time in Denmark the pigs will usually always go in a new quarantine in the recipient country. National authorities will provide this including how long and what new tests need to be performed.


Blood testing

We take blood tests on a regular basis in the sow herd "Eskebjerg" in order to monitor the animals for SPF diseases.

In connection with the export of animals new samples are taken in order to test for the diseases you and the national authorities require. This may be done in the sow herd as well as in the quarantine.

We can send the blood samples to whatever laboratory you want, but we generally use either the French laboratoruim Laboratoire National des controle des Reproducteures ( ) in Paris or the Technical University of Denmark - Veterinary Institute in Copenhagen, Denmark ( )

Piétrain Denmark

We guarantee not only the best quality of pigs but also advice from professional veterinarians in all matters regarding your purchase, import and handling.

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