Compliance with Danish Health Status Management system - SPF SUS
At Eskebjerg Breeding Center we operate under the regulations issued under the Danish Authorities and therefore comply with the strict regulations in the Danish Health Status Management system - SPF SUS.

The Health Status Management is a unit in SEGES.

The task of Health Status Management is to control and develope the SPF-system and to declare the health status in all pig herds, including salmonella informations.

Health Status Management solves the tasks in a purely professsionally basis, independent of commercial interests in the turnover and transport of pigs.

Health Status Management has made an agreement with pig producers, veterinarians and SPF-Haulauge contractors to follow the established SPF-Health rules and and SPF-Transport rules.

Health Status Management further shows the salmonellastatus and DANISH/QS-status for all danish pig herds.

Please visit the SPF SUS System to learn more

Please find up to date Health status of our herds here

Please see DANISH certificate for our herds here LINK
Approved Breeding Society & Pietrain Breeding Program
Pietrain Denmark is approved by the Danish Authorities Fødevarestyrelsen (FVST) as a breeding society and with a Pietrain breeding program.

Please see list of approved Danish purebred pig breeding companies

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